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weekly horoscope taurusWeekly horoscope Taurus     

20 april - 20 may  
Week 6

This week you are motivated to get started with goals that you have been pushing forward for some time. Now is the time to create balance in your life through proper planning. If it doesn't work out for a while, don't give up but try to pick it up the next day.


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Characteristics of an Taurus

Taurus is very patient. They have patience for emotional matters, and are very gentle. Taurus strives for honesty and is very reliable. Taurus are attentive and very stable. They also benefit from structure. Taurus does have trouble with sudden changes

What is the zodiac sign Taurus?

Taurus belongs to the fixed signs, and is associated with the element Earth. In astrology, it is considered a feminine, introverted sign. The traditional ruler of the sign is Venus.

Taurus horoscope in love

Taurus is loving and serious in love. They are looking for safety and security. They like to be in long-term relationships. The Taurus Zodiac is insecure in a relationship because they are afraid of getting hurt. They do everything they can to make a friendship or relationship work. A Taurus' desire for security and safety can turn into pure jealousy.

The Perfect Zodiac Match for Taurus

Zodiac sign Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces, Libra and Scorpio are the best match for a Taurus. Virgo is a safe haven for Taurus. And Capricorn and Taurus both want a stable relationship. Pisces can empathize well with Taurus' emotions, and therefore Taurus feels heard. A Libra brings balance to the life of Taurus, provided Taurus wants to put his stubbornness aside every now and then. A Scorpio and Taurus have an instant click and attraction towards each other.


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