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aura meaning

What is an aura? Many people are curious about what an aura is and where it comes from. What do the aura colors around us mean? What does it say about us? An aura is an energy field around our body, but it is also something you can observe around you, in nature. Aura colors are there to tell us a story about how we feel, where we stand. An aura color mainly arises from energy, which forms a color, which in turn can tell a lot about ourselves. Read more about aura colors


What can you do with an aura?

The connection one has with an aura around oneself says a lot about the person. You can help someone improve their mood through an aura. There are aura specialists who deal with this, and can attune themselves to the aura of another, and in this way support them with difficult processes.


Aura reading

Some people who are very sensitive can perceive an aura around someone. Often this is someone who is very highly sensitive, and has been allowed to develop this. Very special, and also something that many people are curious about. What colors are in your aura? It is different which colors are visible in someone's aura depending on the state of mind. There are people who perceive only 1 color, and there are people who can perceive several.


What does your aura say?

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Aura layers

An aura consists of so-called layers. The energy field around us is changeable depending on our life path, and how we feel at that moment. This way you can strengthen but also weaken the aura layers, for example by your thoughts and the people you interact with. The situations that make you happy or anxious can influence your aura. Aura layers have different colors, and during an aura reading the aura reader can perceive them.

Feeling auras

By taking your hand away from an object or person, and moving it very gradually towards the object or person, you may feel resistance at some point. This is the energy field of the other, or object, and is called aura. So you can feel an aura, but you can also get a feeling from it. If you are highly sensitive, you don't always have to apply this movement or exercise to get it. You can sometimes see, feel or even taste an aura from a distance.


Positive aura

A healthy aura is full of vitality, creativity and joy of life. A weaker aura can have trouble with emotions, and carry a lot of fears. An aura specialist can help a 'weaker' aura to regain its strength by tuning in to weaker aura.


Aura healing

An aura healing or strengthening an aura can be applied, and many positive effects can arise from this. An aura healing can also be applied yourself. By doing certain exercises to, for example, close your aura more to 'intruders'. Highly sensitive people, for example, have a conscious or unconscious tendency to take over someone else's feelings. This can be caused by entities, but it can also come from your neighbor, so to speak. When someone else feels annoying or anxious, a highly sensitive person can quickly take over, and through an aura healing or reinforcement you can ensure that this is less, and or will have less influence on your life.


Aura gemstone

For example, you can enhance an aura by using a gemstone. You can carry a gemstone with you, but you can also place it in your living room or bedroom. There are many different gemstones that can have different effects on our system. An aura gemstone is best put together by an aura specialist. An aura specialist will attune to your aura which gemstone fits best to strengthen and possibly clean your aura. You can charge a gem on a full moon. You can place a gem outside during a full moon, but you can also put a gem in a glass with water by the window.


Aura meditations

To strengthen your aura you can do physical and mental exercises, and meditation can be a nice tool. By pronouncing a mantra or wish / spell you can strengthen your own spiritual strength and therefore also your physical strength, and your aura. You can find a meditation for strengthening your aura on our youtube channel, or choose a meditation that appeals to you. If you follow your gut feeling that speaks to us, you choose the right one. Read more about what meditations can do for you.


Questions about the future?

Would you like to know what your aura colors are? Or do you have questions about love, work or future? Start your personal reading on Chatspiritual.
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