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Aura colors

What do the aura colors say about you? The important aura colors in question are: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. These colors are again subdivided:
Physical - red
Emotional - orange
Mental - yellow
Astral Layer - Green
Ethereal Layer - Blue
Heavenly layer - indigo
Universal Layer - Purple

Aura color combination

The colors around us have meaning. The meaning of the aura colors, such as the color red, says something about your physical condition. The vitality. The color red is associated with the circulatory system, the heart, and emotions. It can be associated negatively with anger, envy, and an anxiety disorder. Aura colors tell a lot about how we feel and how we are in our energy. All colors are intertwined in combination.


Aura color specialist

Would you like to know more about your own aura colors and what they mean? On Chatspiritual you contact various mediums and psychics who can read the aura colors around you through a photo reading. An aura color specialist can tell you a lot about your feelings based on your aura, but also provide tools on how to feel better about yourself. Start your free trial chat on Chatspiritual, and learn more about your aura colors.

Reading aura colors

There are people who see aura colors from a young age, and there are people who really want to see them, but can't. The colors are in reality pure energy around us. For example, children see many colors around people, and these are often the auras of people in their environment. That is why children can also make known whether they like you or not. Reading aura colors is best done by someone who is specialized and recognized in reading aura colors.


Aura colors meaning

As described above, there are 7 colors that are most common in auras, and from which you can get a lot of information about someone's being. You can read the meaning of these aura colors below.
For example, red stands for the blood circulation, the heart and emotions.
Orange represents your emotions, and the genitals. The creativity, happiness and fun, but also for addictions.
Yellow represents the mental state such as optimism, dreams, desires, inspiration and nature, and it relates to the spleen organ.
Green stands for balance, nature and love for people and animals. The color green is a growth color, and relates to the lungs and heart.
The color blue represents spiritual energy, which gives calmness, and relates to the throat.
The color indigo stands for developing your third eye or your spiritual gift and spirituality.
The color purple represents the power, wisdom, magic and is artistic, and relates to your nervous system.

Read aura colors yourself

By developing yourself spiritually you can indeed start to see things that you had not previously noticed. It is possible to increase your spiritual awareness and learn to see more. You can also learn to see aura colors by focusing. Meditation and increasing your spiritual awareness can be a long process that can open many doors. Aura colors are best seen on a light background. Try to look through your third eye and focus on the subject. This way you can learn to recognize aura colors. 

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