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Chatspiritual is easy to use

Simply upload photos to the consultant for a photo reading. View your conversation history for free in your own account. Choose the right specialist for you that fits your question. Use our super-fast customer service when something can be improved.


How do you choose a psychic?

Choose the psychic, clairvoyant or medium that suits you. Based on his or her profile data and reviews you can easily make a choice. New consultants probably don't have reviews yet. The most important thing is that you follow your intuition

Our spiritual coaches answer questions about

  • Love & Relationship
  • Work & Finance
  • Future
  • Contact with the deceased
  • Dream interpretation
  • Chakras and Auras
  • Pets
  • Friends & Family
  • Personal developments

Love questions

There are coaches available who specialize in relationship related questions. You can upload a photo during the conversation if you wish, but of course you can also remain anonymous. For example, questions can be:
  •   What should I do to improve my relationship?
  •   Can you give me more insights into my relationship/partner
  •   Will another love come my way?
  •   My partner cheated on me how do I deal with this?
You can ask any question to our spiritual coaches and they will help you with wisdom and insights. The psychic will give his insights to you so that you can move on.

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