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Angel numbers

Angels give us a message through double numbers. Do you see a lot of 11:11, 22:22 or 33:33? Then the angels communicate with you through angel numbers. You can read here what these numbers want to tell you.

Meaning of Angel Numbers

 angel numbers

The meaning of the number 1

The number 1 stands for strength. People who often see the number 1 or have to deal with the number 1, receive the message that they should especially believe and trust in their own strength. Hold on and believe in your dreams!
The meaning of the number 2
The angel number 2 represents intuition and sensitivity. The number two often has the message from the angels that you can rely more on your intuition, and it is time to do something with your sensitivity. You sense the situations correctly.
The meaning of the number 3
The angel number 3 represents dreams. The counsel you need will soon appear in your path. Take the time to write down your dreams, and believe in your dreams. They are within reach.
The meaning of the number 4
The angel number 4 represents hard work, but also wanting to keep control over the situation. Try to let go of control, the angels call, and ask for help from others where needed. It is both soothing and inspiring.
The meaning of number 5
The angel number 5 stands for enjoyment and adventure! The number 5 conveys the message that security is very important to you right now and will be soon. Problems are solved.
The meaning of number 6
The angel number 6 represents love and loyalty. For you, appreciation and family is extremely important. The angels are asking you to reflect on your growth, but also what you want to strive for now. It can help to write down your thoughts and make a plan.
The meaning of the number 7
The angel number 7 represents intelligence. The angels want to give you the message to allow more people around you. To what extent are you open to love and to receiving miracles? You are on the right track, but try to admit another.
The meaning of the number 8
The angel number 8 represents drive. If you are looking for financial improvement right now, this will come your way: the angels say to you.
The meaning of the number 9
The angel number 9 represents patience. You find balance in nature, take the time to wait for the developments that are taking place.

Angel numbers and double numbers

Double angel numbers like 11:11 have a message from your guardian angels. If you often see this time on the clock, the angels want to make something clear to you. Double numbers have more power than the single digit 1.

Relationship numerology

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What do double angel numbers mean?

11. The double angel number 11 means that all your desires are being heard, and that magical possibilities will soon be coming your way. You can have faith in positive effects regarding your goals. Read here more about the meaning of the number 11
22. The double angel number 22 means that you should focus on positive thoughts right now. Use positive affirmations every day to achieve your goals. Use your strong intuition to sense situations, from your intuition you know how to act.
33. The double angel number 33 means that a solution will appear on your path, even if you don't see a way out now, there are several ways. Ask for help, and you'll get the help you need.
44. The double angel number 44 means that you can ask for help where necessary, you do not have to do everything yourself. You receive protection from the angels. They call on you to be kind to yourself.
55. The double angel number 55 means change. If you want to change a situation, the angels indicate to take steps now. No matter how big or small, it will open new doors for you.
66. The double angel number 66 means you can take it easy, take the time to think things through. Don't act on impulsive emotions, be alert. Follow your counselor.
77. The double angel number 77 means that you are starting a new chapter in your life regarding spirituality. You can expect more growth in the near future.

88. The double angel number 88 means that good news is coming your way. Financially it will soon change for the better. Wait patiently, and trust that everything you need is there.
99. The double angel number 99 means that you know what is important to you, and you are allowed to follow it. Harmony and union will soon come your way.

Double digits and their meaning

The meaning of the numbers 11:11 is: The situation will change for the better. Read more about the angelnumber 11:11
The meaning of the numbers 12:12 is that right now you can focus on your dreams, desires and let go of the (old) negative.
The meaning of the numbers 13:13 is that you should not make impulsive decisions, take a close look at things. You are supported in the desired direction.
The meaning of the numbers 14:14 is that you are receiving great protection at this time from the angels, they support you to let go of negative situations, but also to avoid them with wisdom in the future.
The meaning of the numbers 15:15 is that an instructive situation is concluded. You will receive good news soon, be patient.
The meaning of the numbers 16:16 is that you are developing spiritual wealth right now. You also inspire others in your environment with this.
The meaning of the numbers 17:17 is that right now you care a lot for others, but you are outrunning yourself. Take the time to exhale, and you don't have to constantly figure yourself out. Be assertive.
The meaning of the numbers 18:18 is that what you wish to happen is within reach, and you can stimulate this by focusing on the positive intentions of yourself, and those around you. Keep faith, results will reveal themselves soon.
The meaning of the numbers 19:19 is that you are too much in your head right now. Don't let fears mislead you and distract you from your goals.
The meaning of the numbers 20:20 is that you are not alone, and you can step out of your comfort zone more. Show the world who you are, don't be insecure. You have golden hands right now.
The meaning of the numbers 21:21 is that your intuition will be sharpened in the near future, stay alert… follow your feelings for they are right.
The meaning of the numbers 22:22 is that magical miracles are about to happen.
The meaning of the numbers 23:23 is that you will receive news that brings change, old patterns are replaced by new healthier patterns.

Numerology and your future

Do you want to know more about the double numbers in your life? We understand that you want more information about your relationship, work or future. Start a free chat with licensed numerologists, mediums and psychics.

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