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What is Clairvoyance?

Clairvoyance is a gift that a psychic possesses. A clairvoyant can give messages that he/she could not know. Clairvoyant on chat spiritual provide insights that can help you further in your life. Clairvoyants do not offer medical insights, but insights into love, career, finances or personal development. Our clairvoyants are ready to offer you more clarity.

Clairvoyants near me

On Chatspiritual you can find clairvoyants near you. Our clairvoyants work from all around the world, and will gladly help you with answers and insights to your life questions. You can start a free introduction chat to find out how it works, and to see if this matches your expectations. 


Definition clairvoyant
definition clairvoyant

The moment you have questions about love, career, finances or other questions about personal development, you can ask these questions to a clairvoyant. The clairvoyant responds to these questions with his/her gifts. Not all, but many clairvoyants also lay tarot cards, angel cards and possibly other spiritual decks. During a card reading with a clairvoyant, answers appear in the cards, which the clairvoyant can translate into messages for the customer. After a reading with a clairvoyant you can become more empowered.

Questions about love, work or future?

definition clairvoyant


Example questions you can ask a clairvoyant:

In the field of love:
What can I expect in love?
Will the right one still come my way?
What can I do to improve my self love?

In terms of career:
I feel out of place at work, do you see this changing?
Will my career change?
Will there be positive career developments for me?

Can you see my finances improving in the future?
I have my own company, will there be financial growth in this?


 What does it cost to chat with a clairvoyant?

On chatspiritual we have various credit packages. You pay per minute to the clairvoyant. You never pay more than you have purchased, and chatspiritual is not a subscription. For example, if you buy 10 minutes, you can chat with the clairvoyant for 10 minutes. You can already start a chat from $1,69 per minute. After the reading with the clairvoyant you will receive a chat history in your own account. Here you can read and/or print your chat conversations in peace. In your personal account you can read and/or delete all your posted reviews.



pendulum psychic questions

A clairvoyant can also use his or her pendulum for Yes or No questions. Medical questions are excluded and will not be answered by a clairvoyant psychic.The pendulum can answer your question with a yes or no, and in addition to the pendulum answer, a clairvoyant psychic will also be able to provide more insights about the subject and/or your question.

Questions you can ask a pendulum are listed below
Have I made the right choice?
Will I make financial progress?
Will the right one come my way?
Is it okay to start my own business?

Does a pendulum always answer?
During a session with a psychic, a pendulum may not always provide a concrete answer. The pyschic will also indicate this honestly.

Questions about love, work or future?

How does a clairvoyant reader express himself in answers?

A clairvoyant reader receives clear answers through his or her (angel) guides, and passes them directly (typing) to you in the chat. A clairvoyant reader can possibly answer questions on the basis of a date of birth or photo. You have the option to upload a photo during the chat with a clairvoyant reader. You can therefore also have a complete photo reading performed by the clairvoyant / psychic.


Clairvoyant Love Experts

clairvoyant chat

A clairvoyant love expert answers all kinds of questions about love and relationships. You can always go to a psychic with love questions who has an expertise for questions in the field of love. Some psychics are extremely strong in empathizing with love and relationship questions and will therefore call themselves a love expert. Do you have questions about a meeting that has been friendly so far but that you want more clarity about in the future? Will this friendship stay as it is now? Or can it develop into a real love relationship? These are all sample questions you can ask a psychic who specializes in love and relationship questions. View the profile of the psychic / clairvoyant to know what gifts and tools they use and make a choice based on which psychic / clairvoyant you like the most.

Clairvoyant psychics

Questions about love, work or future? Our clairvoyant psychics will gladly help you with all your life questions.

Free chat with a clairvoyant

You can find different psychics on Chatspiritual with different working methods, they will give you insights that are important to you at that moment, and of course you can ask specific questions about all kinds of topics. You can start a free chat with a clairvoyant psychic by registering for free. You will receive free minutes to ask one question. It may also be that these 2 minutes are too short to fully answer the question, but we regularly have a free card reading on our draw a free card page. By offering free card readings by real card readings, we give everyone the opportunity to get answers to his or her questions.

How much time do I need to start a chat with a clairvoyant?

In principle you only need one credit, but with one minute you cannot receive a complete reading from the clairvoyant psychic. But with 3-5 minutes on your account you can definitely start a reading.

How much time should I buy for my reading?

Ultimately that depends entirely on the number of questions you have, and to what extent the psychic / clairvoyant needs the time to answer them. If you have one simple question about love, for example, a 10-minute reading with the clairvoyant is often sufficient, but sometimes a reading with a clairvoyant can raise new questions, which makes a longer session necessary. You can start a 10 - 20 or 30 minute session, but also add credits again during the chat with the psychic as long as you need. The most commonly used time for a clairvoyant session is 20 minutes.

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