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monthly horoscope sagittariusWeekly horoscope Sagittarius

November 22 - December 21
Week 6

You can create more balance this week if you take time to rest. You tend to go beyond your own limits, so you experience little or no pleasure in the tasks at hand. Try to make your activities more fun by, for example, putting on some music.


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Characteristics of an Sagittarius

Sagittarius is optimistic and always sees things positively. Sagittarius often has big plans and likes to dream about his future. They have a good sense of humor. Sagittarians focus a lot on their future, but they have little patience. If something has to be done, it should be done today.

What is the Sagittarius zodiac sign?

The Sagittarius is a Mutable and a Fire sign. The main life theme for Sagittarius is: enthusiasm, optimism, ideas, developing vision. the opposition between idealism (fire) and realism (earth).


Sagittarius in love

Sagittarius is present and warm in a relationship. They are often generous and like to express their love with gifts or romantic
dinners. Sagittarius does need space for himself. Sagittarius can find it difficult to compromise in love. They sometimes forget the needs of their partners.

The Perfect Zodiac Match for Sagittarius

The zodiac signs, Aquarius and Leo are the best match for a Sagittarius. With an Aquarius, the attraction is big, and the Leo also has big plans for the future, and a strong creative mind that matches with Sagittarius.



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