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1111 angel number

Do you often see 11:11 on the clock? This is a message from your guardian angels. They want to tell you that you can trust your intuition more and continue to follow your own path.

5 Tips during your spiritual development

This is how you increase your spiritual quest.


What is clairvoyance and what can a clairvoyant mean for me in a reading? Are all clairvoyants trustworthy? Read in this blog what a clairvoyant can do for you and how you can receive a valuable reading from a clairvoyant.

Twin flames

What are twin flames? What happens when you meet your twin flame? How come your twin flame disappears into your life again? What can you do to win back your soul mate? Have you always had the feeling that you can't live without that one person, and do you feel like you can feel him or her in some difficult times? A twin flame is someone you create a special and intense connection with at the level of your soul. The feeling of belonging together. We also call this a twin soul union.

Pendulum: Can you ask anything to a pendulum?

A pendulum has been used for a long time. It concerns a drop-shaped metal object on a chain. A pendulum can take many forms, as some psychics or mediums will use a pendulum with other objects. A pendulum is used to find answers to life's questions such as: Will my loved one come back? Through the energies the pendulum will provide an answer. The answer a pendulum can give is yes/no or maybe.

Twin flames: He slowly disappeared from my life

A twin flame relationship is often instructive but also intense. Noa (21) shares her experience about her twin flame relationship.

Does fear affect your life?

Read in this blog how to turn this around

Is your partner jealous? Read 5 tips to improve your relationship

Do you suffer from a jealous boyfriend or girlfriend? In this blog we clarify a jealous relationship. We've all experienced it in some way or another. Jealousy is still a taboo. It is often marked as a bad habit. But let's be honest: we've all been jealous at some point.. In this blog you can read how to recognize a jealous partner, and what you can do to get the jealousy out of your relationship and improve your relationship.

How do you recognize a narcissistic relationship?

Do you think you are dealing with a narcissistic relationship? In this blog we list 11 characteristics of a narcissistic partner in a relationship.

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