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Reiki treatment: clearing blockages

Reiki can help you to stimulate your personal growth and remove certain blockages. In addition, you can learn to become more aware of your own goals and dreams when they have been pushed into the background due to certain circumstances.

Zodiac sign elements

We know different elements in astrology. The elements all have their own character traits.

Why spiritual self care is so important

Self-care comes under different denominators. But to really come to yourself to the essence of who you are, your mind is an important part! To find out how you stand in life, spiritual self care is extremely important. What drives you, and what do you desire in life?

Warning signs of a toxic relationship

Recognize toxic relationship 5 signs Choosing yourself in a toxic relationship can be extremely difficult. Certain patterns you have developed ensure that you constantly put the other above yourself. When are you in a toxic relationship? How can you break free from a toxic relationship? Read on to find out if you're in a toxic relationship.

What is spiritual health

Spiritual health is just as important as your regular health. Together they make up your physical, mental and spiritual health. When your mind and body are in balance, you lead a happier life.

Increase your self love

How can you really learn to embrace yourself? What does self love actually mean? It's a broad concept where we can think of doing something for ourselves, but ultimately self-love is learning to value yourself by creating a higher awareness of yourself and the world around you.

10 signs that you have found your true love

We all want to experience love in life. Preferably with true love, someone who has everything you desire. Does true love really work like that? Or is it different for everyone what a true love looks like? True love is characterized by a special feeling that is different for everyone.

Dreams about an ex

Dreaming about your ex can be very innocent and mean closure (even at a later stage), but dreams often try to tell us something as well. What does it mean when you dream about your ex? How do you deal with this? You dream mainly during REM sleep. You can dream at any stage of your sleep. Dreaming means processing stimuli, in a resting position (sleeping). Dreaming about your ex always has a message!

Being alone creates a higher consciousness

When you spend a lot of time alone, you are often more independent and you can reflect well on your own life, the present, and the future! Spending time alone brings many benefits.

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