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Love horoscope

What awaits you in terms of love or relationship? A love horoscope offers insights into your love life.

How to stop negative thoughts

How can you let go of negative thoughts? With these 5 tips you can be sure that you have a new healthy thinking.

Highly sensitive children 10 characteristics

When your child is dealing with a certain sensitivity, it can only be that you have a highly sensitive child. Is your child often labeled as hypersensitive and do stimuli and energies come in stronger for your child? Maybe your child is not hypersensitive, but your child has gifts that you and others can learn to deal with.

10 signs that you are overstimulated

When you are overstimulated, you run into all kinds of obstacles with yourself and with others. When do you know that you are overstimulated? Below we have a checklist with 10 characteristics that you have when you are overstimulated. An overstimulated brain can arise from wanting to do too much at once, or because you must do everything alone, for example. Read on to see if you have these 10 characteristics too and need to take a step back.

12 traits of a narcissist

What are the characteristics of a narcissistic person? What can you do to free yourself from narcissistic people in your life? A characteristic of narcissistic people is that they somehow always manage to turn it around to themselves. So it's always about him or her. Another characteristic is that they exercise certain control. What 12 characteristics do we attribute to a narcissist? You can read it in this blog.

Annual horoscope 2023

Discover your annual horoscope 2023. What awaits you in the field of love?

Contact with your guardian angel

We all have a guardian angel, but how do you make sure you are open to contacting your guardian angels? In this blog we tell you more about it!

How to ground yourself

What does grounding mean? And what's the best way to ground? It is important to learn to ground if you are spiritual or sensitive. In this blog you will learn useful tips on how to get the best grounding.

Healing by energy

What exactly is energy healing? How do you get in touch with a reliable healer, and what can he or she do? Read below what healing through energy can mean in your life.

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