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Zodiac sign elements

We know different elements in astrology. The elements all have their own character traits.

For example, we know four elements in Western astrology. The four elements attributed to the twelve zodiac signs are: Fire, Water, Air and Earth. Each element has its good traits but also less good traits. By means of your date of birth, you quickly know which zodiac sign you have, and you can easily find out to which element that zodiac sign belongs.

Element Fire

The zodiac signs Aries, Leo, Sagittarius belong to the fire element. Zodiac signs that belong to the fire element are often driven, passionate, and leaders. Zodiac signs with the element of fire strive for honesty, communication and like to provide protection. However, they can come across as a bit domineering and know-it-alls to others. They are also often more jealous in relationships. In the career field, people with the element of fire are mainly looking for responsibility, challenges and leadership positions. A job that becomes monotonous too quickly or for too long will then quickly be replaced. Fire types are not easily inclined to get stuck in patterns despite having a high sense of responsibility.

Element Water

The zodiac signs Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer belong to the element of water. Zodiac signs belonging to the element of water are often: honest, sensitive, purposeful and empathetic. In addition, zodiac signs with the element of water are often kind and caring. They get along well with others and often have a charismatic appearance. Water types strive for connection and sincere like-minded people. Zodiac signs with the element of water can make more impulsive choices faster and therefore act rashly. In addition, they can forget themselves too quickly to support or help others. In the career field, a water type needs creativity. A creative input and a good working environment. People with the element of water are hard workers who can guide others well.

Element Air

The zodiac signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius belong to the element of air. Zodiac signs belonging to the element of air are often: free-spirited, independent, creative, intelligent and communicative. Zodiac signs with the element of air need openness and freedom. They can appear superficial to others because they are not quick to form a deep connection. In addition, they can appear indifferent and mysterious. They strive for equality and authenticity. In the career field, an air type is mainly looking for enough challenge and recognition for his qualities. It is important that people with the element of air are seen and given freedom to express creative thoughts.

Element Earth

The zodiac signs, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn belong to the earth element. Zodiac signs belonging to the earth element are often: calm, helpful, solution-oriented, gentle and hard-working. Earth types need good conversations that create more insight and depth in relationships. Earth types are often perfectionist and can sometimes come across as know-it-alls when they passionately explain their vision of life. Earth types like to help and support other people but really get satisfaction from achievements through their hard work. In the career field, they strive for positions where they can show all their qualities. They like to surround themselves with beautiful things. However, they need a cozy and safe home more.

Zodiac signs tell more about your character traits

By knowing your birth day and month of birth, you can easily calculate your zodiac sign. Your zodiac sign has certain good and bad qualities. In combination with your ascendant and horoscope you discover more about yourself, your partner, your family or friends. A personal reading can give you more insight into your life questions. Chat with honest mediums and get honest answers.

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