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About Selina

Clairvoyant |Psychic Love & Relationship ⭐️

Clairvoyant |Psychic
Love & Relationship ⭐️

Welcome to my profile at chatspiritual or Spiritchat. I am medium and psychic Selina. I am a card reader and can connect with deceased loved ones. I am clairvoyant and I give insights, with or without a photo. I can read your photo, but I can also do a complete tarot reading for you. You can ask me all the questions where I give honest answers. In the end, what matters to me is that you regain your strength. I`m here for you, whatever question you have. ✨

You can ask me questions like

What do you feel about me in the field of work?
Which study suits me best?
What can I expect in the field of love
Personal developments

You are welcome to chat with me and find insights




Reviews (9)

❤️ amazing
★★★★★ Anonomous user 09-08-2022
she is the best in what she does, love her!
★★★★★ Anonomous user 24-03-2022
very good at what she does, knew everything
★★★★★ Anonomous user 14-02-2022
★★★★★ Anonomous user 10-02-2022
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