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Number 11 meaning

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 meaning numerology number 11

Does the number 11 appear regularly in your life? Or is the number 11 in your date of birth? Read what the number 11 in numerology means to you, and what message the number 11 has for you.

The number 11 in numerology

The number 11 in numerology has a message for you when you:
  • Have the number 11 in your date of birth
  • You were born in month 11 (November).
  • Your full date of birth adds up to 11
  • You see the number 11 passing by multiple times

11 the meaning of the number

In numerology, all numbers are reduced to one number. Except the master numbers such as, 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, 99. The angel number 11 has an important meaning. Do you see the number 11 multiple times in your life? The angels have a special message for you. Angels communicate through double numbers, and first want to tell you that they hear and see you. The angels support you when you see double numbers, and ensure that you can learn to have faith in the outcome of the situation. Trust in the angels and their support, you are protected!

Do you want to know what the angel numbers in your life mean?

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Meaning of the master number 11

The master number 11 represents spiritual development and likes to deal with spiritual subjects in order to enrich itself even more with wisdom. Raising awareness is key when you see the number 11. The upcoming period will increase the awareness of the bigger picture, and will be central to your life. Learning to trust your hunches is part of this.

Message from the angel number 11

If you want to understand the number 11, it is first important to know what the number 11 means. Every number in numerology has its own qualities and characteristics. If the number 11 passes by a lot in your life, the angels are telling you: Make room for your feelings, and don't push them away. Let your feelings speak in the situation, and follow them. You are more sensitive at the moment, avoid negative or harsh situations and people.

Master number 11 and love

In love you are protective, and you want to be appreciated. However, appreciation also starts with yourself. To what extent do you value yourself?, the angels ask. The angel number 11 represents change and positive news. If things didn't go smoothly already, you can expect improvement in love. It is time to have faith in love, and calmly and patiently await developments. A personal reading can support you and provide insights to take your relationship to a higher level, or attract love. Do you want answers to your love questions? Start your personal reading

The angel number 11 and asking for help

The angels support you in your process, and make sure you are protected. You can ask the angels for extra help by doing the following:
Write down your thoughts and ask the angels for help.
Write down how you feel, and what you would like to receive or change. Take the time to think carefully about what is going on inside you and where your concerns lie. Write down your thoughts and feelings, and ask the angels to support you and take away your worries.
Visualize positive outcomes
Think of a positive outcome, and see the bigger picture. It is sometimes necessary to receive a setback in order to move forward.
By meditating you will find more peace in your thoughts and worries. Take the time to relax and wait in confidence. Thank the angels afterwards.

Numerology and the future

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