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Mindfulness practices

Mindfulness practices at home. What can you do in your life right now to be more aware of yourself and your feelings? In this blog we provide practices, but we also tell more about mindfulness and its meaning.

Mindfull or Mind full.. Is your head full of all your thoughts? Do you think about a lot of things, or are you too concerned with all the expectations that you or others set? Or are you focused on who you are and what you feel, everything around you and what it does to you? It is quite normal that you are full of all kinds of emotions in your daily life. Everything we do evokes emotions and gives off a certain vibration. So are our thoughts, and what we feel and think.

What does mindfulness mean?

Mindfulness is an awareness of all emotions, and what a situation does to you, for example. Mindfulness is creating attention for what is happening around you, but especially what is happening inside yourself. You can always apply mindfulness, but it can take a lot of attention to turn your mindset around.

Mindfulness effect

The effect of mindfulness is greater than some people think. It may sound vague to many, but it really isn't. In everyday life, we are so focused on achievement that we forget about ourselves and run beyond our emotions. We are constantly full of stimuli, and what others think of us. What am I wearing to that party tonight? What does my colleague think about me? I don't think of myself as beautiful anymore, or other twiggy thoughts. This is quite normal, but not focused on who we are. It indicates that we are very much concerned with what someone else thinks, and are looking for confirmation, being good enough for someone else. This is not bad or negative, but has a lot of influence on how you look at yourself. Often these thoughts come from an experience, or pattern that has been developed. Ultimately, it is already developed at a young age: we all want to belong.

Love for who you are

Applying the effect of mindfulness gives more peace, insight and development into who you are and what you stand for. What experiences have done to you, and how you deal with it now. Mindfulness ensures that you are aware of your feelings and find peace in them. For example, a mindfulness exercise can be at the moment of many thoughts: just stop thinking, say or use words for your feelings. Sometimes being there, listening to yourself is enough to create peace in all the chaos of emotions.

Mindfulness practices at home

Where shall we start? There are many mindfulness exercises that you can apply in your daily life. It is important that you open up to yourself. Which stimuli and emotions are becoming too much for you at the moment? What does a nature walk evoke in you? Can you clear your head here, or do you experience peace in listening to music? Becoming aware of your own emotions is an important part. During breakfast, lunch and dinner you can apply that you are consciously busy with your food. For example, you can use fresh ingredients when preparing your food. Are you normally in a rush while eating? Make sure you taste the flavor you experience with every bite. Try to eat slowly, and take small bites of your meal. It is important that you become aware of what food does to you, and what effect food has on your body. Listen carefully to your body/brain when it signals that you are full.

Mindfulness exercises in a row

1. Counting: With a full head, with all kinds of thoughts, count your thoughts away. Count to 10, and start again when you notice that you are not calm. This has a relaxing effect, and ensures that you do not focus on all kinds of thoughts in your head.
2. Breathing: Lie on your back, and place your hand on your lower abdomen. When you inhale, your hand is pushed up, and when you exhale slowly, it is pushed back down. Repeat.
3. Meditate: While meditating you can let go and become aware of who you are and what you desire. By intuitively choosing a meditation, you ensure that you become aware of what you need now. Unconsciously we know more from our nature what we need.
4. Nature: In nature we find a charging point. Nature gives peace. Look around you, what do you see? Pay attention to the small details you see. What does this give you? See the magic around you, and learn to enjoy what is around you in the present moment. Not only will it inspire you, but as you practice you will learn how magical nature is around you, and what insights about yourself are hidden.
5. Distraction:  By putting away your phone, tablets, computers or other electronics, taking a literal break from these influences… you ensure that you give your brain a rest. Set a timer for yourself for how long you don't want to use electronics. It has been proven that doing many things at once actually decreases productivity. Walk away from your desk at work more often, to really recharge, drink water or take some rest. A break of 5 minutes is often enough to calm you down.

Mindfulness practices
Mindfulness questions

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Date: 03-11-'22

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