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Why spiritual self care is so important

Self-care comes under different denominators. But to really come to yourself to the essence of who you are, your mind is an important part! To find out how you stand in life, spiritual self care is extremely important. What drives you, and what do you desire in life?

Self care is extremely important to stay motivated as a person, and to fulfill your own desires and needs. Self care is actually taking care of yourself. As simple as it sounds, many people forget to take care of themselves. Spiritual self-care means that you learn to listen to your emotions and hunches, and learn to respect your own boundaries!

Spiritual self care tips

What can you do to stimulate your self-care spiritually? There are several things that help you to stimulate your spiritual self-care. For example meditation or yoga. Opening and cleaning chakras is also part of your spiritual self-care. But just as you can apply a self-care skin routine every night, how do you do this spiritually? Make time each morning to express your gratitude. For example, write it down in a bullet journal. In addition, you can make time every day to follow a meditation to create more balance and awareness. Or sign up for a yoga class!


Self care for your soul

We all have emotions. Sometimes controlled, and sometimes uncontrolled. Spiritual self care means that you concern yourself with the balance in your mind and body. By becoming aware that everything consists of energy, you can also manifest your dreams and desires. Becoming aware of your own emotions and the role you play in your life, and of course the role you take on in the lives of those around you. You can also see which influences are currently playing in your life that evoke certain emotions. These can be positive emotions, but of course these can also be negative emotions. By learning to understand and accept this, you can more easily implement any desired changes.


Chaotic life creates confusion

We sometimes live past ourselves because of all the pressures and expectations in our daily lives. Your base, your essence is then actually disturbed. This creates an imbalance in what you really need, what you want, what expectations there are, and what responsibilities (pressure) you carry on your shoulders. Sometimes something doesn't work anymore, which we just can't break through. By applying spiritual self care, your real feelings can be heard so that you can give direction in your life again. If you are dealing with a lot of anxiety at this point in your life, you may have gone on too long, and missed certain signals. By going back to your own core you can regain balance. Below are a number of sample questions that you can ask yourself to regain insight into yourself.
  • What do I value in life?
  • Do the people I love fit into my current life (values, etc.)
  • What is my desire or dream?
  • Have I been able to realize this, or what is stopping me?
  • What step can I take today to realize my wish/dream?
  • What do I need right now?
  • What steps should I take to meet my need?
  • Do I indicate my limits in time?
  • What can I do to better indicate my boundaries?

Give yourself time

To create more awareness you will have to give yourself time to (re)discover yourself. Not everything we feel right now still fits us. It is important, for example, to see which uncertainties and experiences from the past still play a role today and may even form an obstacle. By no longer suppressing emotions and asking yourself some key questions, you often come to an insight.


Learning to listen to your hunches is part of self care

Self care is also learning to listen to your hunches. But what exactly are hunches? Hunches are a strong knowing or feeling from your subconscious. This can manifest itself in a premonition. For example, by walking around with a feeling that the work you do is no longer suitable or will not continue, despite it being well earned and fun to do. You may not dare to take that important step in your life due to uncertainty. For example, because outside influences indicate to you that this job gives you security. Due to certain outside influences, and learned behaviors or patterns, we can limit ourselves to complete certain soul lessons. Because of this you can experience a feeling of being stuck. This is therefore one of the reasons that listening to your hunch is extremely important in the context of self care.

self care

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Date: 02-08-'23

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