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Why listening to your gut feeling is important

You know it: a gut feeling. You clearly sense that something is coming. But why then do we often listen poorly to a gut feeling?

This is because too little attention is paid to it while growing up. We live in a busy society where the emphasis is (consciously or unconsciously) on accomplishment. Because we are taught a certain way of thinking and feeling, we forget to listen to our own natural essence.

Get in touch with who you are

If you want to get more in touch with your gut feeling and therefore your own natural essence, you can take yoga classes, for example. If you find it difficult to start in a group, there are also free exercises to follow online for at home. During a yoga class you learn to free yourself from all ballast. This brings you back to basics, which is you. During yoga you focus on physical and mental balance that allows you to relax and focus more on what you really feel and want in life.

How can you learn to listen more to your gut feeling?

When you have a certain feeling about someone or a situation, it is important to learn to listen to what you feel. But how do you actually go about that? It's good to see how you normally respond to your own natural gut feeling. Do you try to hide these feelings, ignore them, or do you tend to control your own feelings? When you know how you react to your gut feeling, you can change it. Often we have a certain image that when we refuse something we are not social, or that it is negative to, for example, keep a situation or a person at a distance. However, these are healthy boundaries to set for yourself.

5 ways to get more in touch with your gut feeling

  1. Don't ignore your own natural reactions to situations or people
  2. Think about what you feel comfortable with, instead of what someone else would think of it
  3. Do yoga or meditation to get more in touch with yourself
  4. Set clear boundaries – know what you like and don't like
  5. Maintain a balanced lifestyle that is centered on mind and body

Good for your body and mind

When you take good care of yourself by, for example, eating healthy, going to bed on time, and exercising enough, you feel better about yourself, which makes you happier. When you are clearly in your own strength, you are more likely to indicate a limit. Without feeling guilty afterwards. So you can say that when you take good care of your mind and body, you are more in touch with your gut feeling. This will make you listen to it faster because you value yourself.

A feeling in your gut of fear

You may also have a gut feeling that is anxious. When you notice that you are anxious about a situation that you would not normally be afraid of. Is it good to listen to this. If you have a premonition that something will not go right, try to find a solution by, for example, postponing or adjusting it. However, it is important that you see that anxious gut feelings are not related to previous negative experiences or healthy tensions, for example before an exam. These are not gut feelings but are emotions that resist to prevent a repeating (negative) experience. Some kind of defense mechanism.

Gut feeling cheating

When you have the feeling in your gut that your partner is cheating, this is very annoying. First try to find out why you have these premonitions. Does it come from a previous fear? Have you been cheated on before? Has your partner become more distant, making you afraid that he or she is cheating? Combining your gut feeling with your mind is very important in some cases so that you can find out if it doesn't come from a fear. For example, some people suffer from separation anxiety or connection anxiety. This can cause you to be very jealous, for example, or that you are afraid that your partner will leave you, and this can cause thoughts to take on a life of their own. When you know that none of this applies, you can ask your partner if he or she is still happy in the relationship, and if there is no other. Asking about this is very sensitive for many. For fear of a confrontation. The truth can be very confrontational, but then again you know where you stand!
  • Remember that what others think is not more important than what you feel and think
  • Combining your gut feeling with your knowledge and thoughts ensures balanced decisions.
  • Put the value close to yourself and who you are from your natural essence.
  • Follow your own norms and values.

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Date: 01-10-'23

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