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What to do with overstimulation?

An overstimulated brain can negatively affect your life, causing you to miss fun in your daily activities. It is important not to miss any further signals. Take the steps to get your brain healthy and balanced again!

When do you suffer from an overstimulated brain? When you cross your own limits more often, you are more likely to suffer from an overstimulated brain. When you are under a lot of pressure you can suffer from an overstimulated brain. When you are highly sensitive, also called hsp, you also often suffer from an overstimulated brain.


How does an overstimulated brain arise

An overstimulated brain arises because you continuously ignore the signals from your brain and push yourself to the limit. For example, when you are more tired, but still give in to that one social party. You may be even more tired the next day because you are constantly pushing your own limits. This ensures that you end up in a downward spiral. In some cases, depression develops. An overstimulated brain actually says that you have ignored all signals that cause complaints.



When you are more sensitive to energy from others, your brain can become overstimulated. You notice this, for example, in fatigue, intense emotions, and irritation over small matters. For example, in relationships you often see that highly sensitive people take over energy, which makes them feel less energetic. This is often a repeating pattern. A correct way of energy cleansing or even distancing is therefore extremely important. For example, if you work with colleagues who have an energetically negative attitude to life, it may be wise to change jobs. As this is not going to change any time soon as this is beyond your control.


5 signs that your brain is overstimulated

When you are dealing with an overstimulated brain, sooner or later you will get complaints. This can manifest itself in small things that bother you less in your daily life. But your life can also be significantly influenced by an overstimulated brain. Which makes you feel like you can't break out of that circle. Do you suffer from an overstimulated brain? Then you probably suffer from the following:
  1. You don't feel like doing anything
  2. You are tired more often than you would like
  3. You have trouble acting assertively
  4. You tend to go beyond your limits
  5. You see life a bit bleak

What can you do to get your brain healthy?

When you are dealing with an overstimulated brain, this is the signal to do something about it. If you keep walking with an overstimulated brain you will not become happier. It takes time to get an overstimulated brain stable and calm again. For this it is important that you learn to listen to your feelings and stop ignoring them. You may temporarily have an overstimulated brain due to a certain experience that has fallen heavily. Nevertheless, it is good to apply the following tips in your life.
  • Practice sports
  • meditate. Meditation has a calming and healing effect on your brain
  • Write down your feelings, and talk to someone about your feelings
  • Change something small in your daily rhythm
  • Every day write down 3 things you are grateful for
  • Get out of your comfort zone and do this for yourself! (step out of your comfort zone e.g. by doing something alone) 

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Date: 01-12-'23

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