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Reiki treatment: clearing blockages

Reiki can help you to stimulate your personal growth and remove certain blockages. In addition, you can learn to become more aware of your own goals and dreams when they have been pushed into the background due to certain circumstances.

Reiki meaning

What is Reiki? A Reiki treatment is working with energy often through the use of placing the hands on or above a body part. This is where energy is used. The energy that flows through the human body and hangs around us can be used positively for certain purposes. This is also called the life energy.

Distance Reiki treatment

A Reiki treatment can be given at a distance, but can also be given physically in a practice. By addressing the energy, one can apply the reiki treatment from a distance. An open and relaxed attitude is often required so that the energy can be properly directed. A Reiki treatment can be applied through a chat or a call.

Reiki enlightened

A Reiki treatment relieves and can provide more relaxation or provide a better sleeping pattern. Reiki treatments can also be used when people suffer from emotional blockages. For example, an emotional block can mean that you have trouble expressing your own feelings through your childhood. On the other hand, during Reiki, for example, you can also learn to let go of emotions by sending energy to them. Reiki can stir up many things and thus illuminate them so that your path in life is visible again and is experienced as a result.
Reiki has multiple effects such as:
  • Relaxation
  • Stimulates sleep routine
  • Stimulates to break unhealthy patterns
  • Remove blockages
  • Reduce panic attacks
  • Stress reduction
  • Become more aware of yourself

Spiritual blocks and reiki

Spiritual blockages can arise, for example, from not being able to close properly against harder and more negative energy. But can also be due to no guidance in your spiritual development, for example in your youth. Spiritual blockages can be removed through a Reiki treatment. Often several sessions are needed to open yourself up completely. Of course this is entirely in accordance with what you consider necessary. When a Reiki treatment has removed or reduced blockages, it is still up to you to rediscover yourself spiritually. This can cause uncertainty and tension, which means that following Reiki treatments for a longer period of time can be an outcome during this process.

Choosing a Reiki Specialist

It can be difficult to choose a Reiki specialist. If you are not sure which Reiki specialist is right for you, it is always recommended to read reviews and to be guided by your feelings. Who appeals to you the most? Before you choose a Reiki specialist, it is good to investigate for yourself whether you want to have it practiced at a distance first or rather have personal physical contact. Put everything together? Find your Reiki specialist, and experience what Reiki can do for you.

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Date: 01-09-'23

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