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How to ground yourself

What does grounding mean? And what's the best way to ground? It is important to learn to ground if you are spiritual or sensitive. In this blog you will learn useful tips on how to get the best grounding.

Life passes us by very quickly, we are busy with all kinds of important aspects such as work, love, family and friends. If you are highly sensitive you can get full of all kinds of energy. After all, we come into contact with many people every day, and therefore energy. Grounding can help to create more balance in your life, making you more balanced and less open to outside influences.

Natural nature

We tend to walk past ourselves faster when we are sensitive, and have absorbed all kinds of energies around us. By listening more to our intuition, we already come closer to our 'natural nature'. An important part. Here we actually learn to ground ourselves, to turn inward and listen carefully to what we really feel. Our strong hunches show us the way. Earthing is done simply by entering nature around you, and within yourself.

5 Tips for grounding

In this blog we give advice on how you can best ground yourself. Grounding contributes to a balanced life, where you, as a sensitive person, provide defenses from the outside. In addition, grounding gives a correct connection with the universe, which ensures that we can listen more to our hunches.
1. Get out into nature. By cleansing our energy and releasing it from all that has been absorbed, we can ground better. Stand with your feet flat on the floor in line with your shoulders. Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly. Repeat. Walk through nature, and take in what you hear and see. Be receptive to see the signals. Be one with nature by listening, seeing and feeling.
2. Breathing exercise. Lie on your back and put on some soothing music. Like meditation music for example. Place your hands on your abdomen and breathe in deeply and exhale slowly.
3. Burn incense. Burn a lovely candle or incense while grounding. The smell, the stimulation makes you one with yourself, and the nature within you. Sit up straight, and make sure you are barefoot on the floor. Make sure your shoulders are loose and relaxed.
4. Free yourself from negative energy. Let go of ballast by writing down old and negative experiences. Sometimes we still have a blockage that can prevent us from really getting in touch with ourselves. By sharing your feelings, you can learn to let them go.
5. Drink plenty of water. Drinking plenty of water ensures a cleansing effect. Water is not only purifying, but also promotes spiritual channels, including grounding.


By following these tips above you can ensure that you are grounded, but also that you stay grounded. Repeat these tips as often as necessary. Try out all 5 tips above, and see which one feels best for you. During meditation and the breathing exercises you can apply another exercise. This exercise is visualization. Sit on a chair and put your feet (preferably bare feet) on the floor. Keep your shoulders in a straight line. Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly. Make sure you are completely relaxed. (Is your tongue touching your palate? This is a sign of being tense.) Try to let go of all tension and let everything slide away from you. Close your eyes, and visualize a sphere of light that ensures that negative energy and outside influence is repelled by its strong rays of light. Everything is filtered in this sphere. Now visualize a straight line down from your crown, a root (like a tree) towards the ground. This one goes into the ground below you. Now slowly open your eyes. This exercise can ground and protect your energy. There are plenty of other exercises that can help you ground yourself. Would you like more tips from a medium or psychic? Start your reading here.

Grounding with your own intuition

By listening carefully to yourself and your hunches, you often know how to ground yourself. So try to learn to recognize your own limits. Do you often shrug your shoulders? Perhaps you are so incredibly tense because of certain pressure that you or someone else puts on you. Or are you dealing with stressful situations. These are aspects that we can learn to recognize, so that we can change them. Practice makes perfect. By grounding and learning to adopt a relaxed attitude, we can ensure that we live a more balanced life, so that we have a more positive outlook on life.

Recognizing patterns helps to ground

By getting to know yourself, your pitfalls and your strengths, you can learn to ground more easily. Do you sleep little, or do you eat less healthily than you would like? Try to change your eating or sleeping patterns. By taking in healthy food and getting enough rest, you contribute to a balanced lifestyle, which changes your thoughts and attitude. It has a positive effect on our physical and mental being. By moving, for example by walking a lot, dancing or exercising, we make ourselves stronger and we can express ourselves. This is important in conjunction with all other tips.

Allow emotions

By allowing your emotions you help to free yourself from energy that can form blockages. By allowing your sadness, crying, laughing you can ground yourself. Everything that stands in the way, such as emotions that have been suppressed for some time, can stand in the way of the grounding process. So be aware of your feelings.

Massage, yoga or meditation

You can use a combination of these three: massage, yoga, and meditation. Try to listen carefully to your body and mind what feels good to you. Some people find it less pleasant to have their neck or shoulders massaged, and feel more comfortable with yoga exercises or prefer to listen to a meditation. All three exercises work on the energy to let you relax. You can listen to free meditations that have been carefully compiled by Chatspiritual.

Chakra out of balance?

Your basic chakra, which we also call the root chakra, can be out of balance, which can make grounding more difficult. Keeping your chakras in balance makes it easier to ground. Read all about chakras, and see what influences chakras have.

definition of grounding
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Date: 07-12-'22

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