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Highly sensitive children 10 characteristics

When your child is dealing with a certain sensitivity, it can only be that you have a highly sensitive child. Is your child often labeled as hypersensitive and do stimuli and energies come in stronger for your child? Maybe your child is not hypersensitive, but your child has gifts that you and others can learn to deal with.

When do you have a highly sensitive child

You are highly sensitive when you often sense situations or atmospheres. You can sense people flawlessly and you actually already know how they feel before they speak up. Highly sensitive people often suffer from an overstimulated brain. All the signals they receive, including emotions from others, can make them more tired.

Benefits of being highly sensitive

A big advantage of being highly sensitive is that you often know better what is going on in someone else's emotions, even if they don't want to indicate this themselves. It can make people want to vent to you faster, highly sensitive people often generate a sense of confidence that makes someone else feel safe and secure faster.

Disadvantages of being highly sensitive

A disadvantage of being highly sensitive is that people who are highly sensitive, also called hsp, forget themselves and consider others more important. The empathic ability of a highly sensitive person can cause them to focus on fulfilling the desires of those around them.

10 signs that you have a highly sensitive child

There are a number of important characteristics attributable to people who are highly sensitive. We have highlighted the ten most important characteristics that we often see appearing in highly sensitive people.
  1. You are more sensitive to light
  2. You are more sensitive to some sounds
  3. When you visit you can either get energy or get very tired
  4. You sense another person's state of mind
  5. You sense atmospheres
  6. You are a nature person
  7. You have strong standards and values
  8. You think further / broader than most and can easily step out of your comfort zone
  9. You are creative and goal oriented
  10. You have a strong sense of justice

What can you do to cleanse yourself?

If you are highly sensitive, you are more likely to experience an overstimulated feeling. Being overstimulated is often caused by the energy that a highly sensitive person picks up from his environment. It is therefore necessary to learn to protect yourself against negative or harder energy from your environment. In addition, it is important to learn to cleanse your energy, but how do you actually do that? Cleaning energy can be done with water. By getting into nature more often, and meditating. In addition, you can wear and or use gemstones that have a protective effect as support. However, you also need to cleanse the gems, and you can do this during a full moon. You then place the gems in a glass of water by the window.
  • Meditate regularly to stay in your own energy
  • In nature you relax, and your brain receives other healthy stimuli
  • Water is a means that ensures that your energy flows better
  • Yoga gives more balance in your life, which puts you in your power
  • Practice your breathing technique.
  • Trust your hunches when it doesn't feel right.

Respond emotionally and sensitively

When you are highly sensitive, others may find that you react sensitively and emotionally to situations. You can sometimes react more violently or more intensely than you would like. This is often because you have already absorbed some stimuli, which makes you react more intensely. Hence the above tips such as draining absorbed energy are a godsend, to stay in your own emotions and energy. In some cases, people are quick to judge, so try to surround yourself with people who are honest, kind, and even warm-hearted. This will ensure balanced relationships, where respect and understanding predominate.

Highly sensitive children

When you meet a highly sensitive child, you often notice that these children seem wiser. This can be expressed in a certain creativity, but also in a certain intelligence. Highly sensitive children have a greater urge to care for their loved ones and can be more affectionate more often. Highly sensitive children often have an eye for detail, and can ask questions that baffle even adults. In addition, highly sensitive children have a great sense of responsibility.

Are Highly Sensitive People More Depressed?

Because highly sensitive people absorb much more stimuli and energy, they are more susceptible to depression or feelings of melancholy. Yet most highly sensitive people have a strong spirit power that allows them to overcome many obstacles when they know and accept that they are highly sensitive. Highly sensitive people are more often characterized by a more difficult past and often have a perfectionist character.

The thoughts of a highly sensitive person

The thoughts vary from a highly sensitive person. Yet they are often preoccupied with the needs of others. In addition, they are sensitive to what others think of them. They can attach great value to someone else's opinion, especially when they have respect for the other person. When a highly sensitive person has negative or harsh people around them, this can manifest itself in withdrawn behavior, feelings of depression, guilt, and insecurity.

Feeling of not belonging

A highly sensitive person often feels different from others, and may therefore want to prove themselves or withdraw themselves more quickly. For a highly sensitive person it is important that there is acceptance from others. When they are labeled as hypersensitive or emotional in a derogatory way, this can cause a lot of problems. It is therefore important to create a safe and trusted environment for children and people who are highly sensitive. This allows them to reach their full potential. When there is a safe environment for a highly sensitive person where they are valued for their gifts, they can learn to set their limits well and learn to shield themselves from harsh and negative expressions from others. Highly sensitive people are very empathetic and often have great gifts in helping others who, for example, get stuck in their lives.

Do you feel that you are highly sensitive?

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highly sensitive child
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Date: 08-02-'23

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