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Dreams about an ex

Dreaming about your ex can be very innocent and mean closure (even at a later stage), but dreams often try to tell us something as well. What does it mean when you dream about your ex? How do you deal with this? You dream mainly during REM sleep. You can dream at any stage of your sleep. Dreaming means processing stimuli, in a resting position (sleeping). Dreaming about your ex always has a message!

Why am I dreaming about my ex?

When your relationship is over, you have a lot of emotions. There may be unprocessed grief. Some people are happy that the relationship is over, while others are sad. When your relationship is over you can start dreaming about your ex. It may be that you cannot let go of your ex, or that there is still an energetic connection between you and your ex. Dreams are trying to tell us something. Despite the fact that dreams are necessary to process stimuli, dreams about your ex can have different meanings.


My ex is cheating in my dream

When you dream that your ex is cheating or has cheated during your relationship, the dream is trying to tell you something about your fear about the (repeating) event. It may mean that you have had fear that your ex was cheating in your relationship, in addition, you may have experienced infidelity in previous relationships, and that this still plays an underlying role in your subconscious. Although you may think that you have processed certain things, it often says nothing about what is going on in our subconscious about painful experiences. Another meaning may be that your ex has actually cheated, and unresolved issues and emotions come to light. Because your premonitions contain truth.

In my dream about my ex we belong together

You may dream that you and your ex are destined as a soul connection like twin flames or soulmates. This allows you to dream about your ex more than you might think at first. You can't let go of each other energetically, so the connection continues. Due to a busy existence, and the emotions you push away, you may start dreaming about your ex. In the night during dreams we process stimuli. These are things that we address, but cannot put into words or process immediately. When you are dealing with this connection, it can make you very restless. You can feel emotions from each other at a distance and feel that you know exactly what is going on. 

Answers about dreams

If you still have unprocessed feelings, this can make you restless. You may wonder why it's over, and if you might get back together. Our mediums and psychics can help you provide insights to your love questions. Start your personal reading.
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5 signs that your dream wants to tell you something

When you are curious why you dream about your ex, it is important to know whether you have unprocessed emotions towards your ex, for example, or whether there is something going on between you that means that the connection between the two is not yet over. 5 important signs that your dream is trying to tell you something are:
  • You dream the same dream more often (repeating dreams)
  • Visions in a dream (past, present or future)
  • You are in contact with your ex in your dream
  • Time travel in your dream (different time or location in being together)
  • Answers that come back in your dream

Meaning of dreaming about your ex

Dreaming that your ex is cheating
Meaning of a fear or a prediction of the event
Dreaming that your ex is dead
Reflects the relationship that is over and the connection between you and your ex has been broken
Dreaming that your ex is thinking about you / communication with your ex
Indicates the connection that is not over and continues energetically
Dreaming about your first love
Means gratitude to the lesson you have learned
Repeating dreams about your ex
Means subconscious knowing and feeling/prediction

How do you deal with it?

It is important not to become anxious about certain dreams you have about your ex. Dreaming actually means that there is still something to process, especially when you know that the relationship is over for good. Disappointments and other emotions can sometimes hit us so hard that they last longer than we wish. It's important that you don't push your emotions away or be afraid of them. Write down your feelings or talk about them with someone you trust. This way you express your emotions, and give it the attention it needs. When you accept that you also process by dreaming: you are already on the right track!

dreaming about your ex
What is your dream trying to tell you?

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Date: 15-05-'23

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