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Contact with your guardian angel

We all have a guardian angel, but how do you make sure you are open to contacting your guardian angels? In this blog we tell you more about it!

What is a Guardian Angel?

A guardian angel is an energy around you, from the universe. This could be a loved one who is no longer physically on Earth. We all have a guardian angel. You can also feel a guardian angel, through a cold or warm flow of energy. A guardian angel is often noticeably present in more difficult situations. You are physically alone, but not energetically. Guardian angels give support in difficult times.


Who is my guardian angel?

You can ask your guardian angel for support and help in certain matters. You can call for help in your mind, but you can also ask your guardian angel for help out loud. In both cases it is a great way to receive extra support from the universe, and your guardian angel. Often your guardian angel is a loved one you have known on Earth. However, this is not always the case. By being open to signals you often recognize a guardian angel. You can ask the following questions to your guardian angel to receive more support.
  1. I ask my guardian angel for support
  2. My energy flows for insights and hunches from the universe
  3. My guardian angels take care of me every day


Higher consciousness

By getting more out in nature and listening to your heart more, you get in touch with a higher energy within yourself, where you can feel one with everything around you. By coming into a higher energy, by creating a greater consciousness, you make the contact with your guardian angel more powerful. You can receive signals such as: a butterfly flying by, or white feathers that you receive. These are often signs that your guardian angel is making contact, indicating that you are on the right track. 

Angel communication

By combining the above tip with meditation, you can free yourself from expectations and old hurts. With this you manifest the channel to be open to the angelic communication. Let go of expectations, and feel the energy around you. Keep your eyes open for signals that 'coincidentally' come your way.


Questions about your guardian angel?

Do you have questions about a certain event in your life? Or would you like to receive insights from your guardian angel? Our mediums and psychics are ready for you with clear answers. Start your reading.
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Guardian angel card

A guardian angel is not always tangible in your life. It may be because you have certain blockages, fear or insecurity. There can be several factors in your life that make contact with your guardian angel more difficult. Sometimes we don't pay attention to the small details we receive from the universe. A guardian angel can give a clear message through an angel card, which can offer you support at that moment. A piece of confirmation, which we all need sometimes.


Earthly and heavenly

A guardian angel is a factor in your life that helps and protects you in your earthly existence, so it is important to also look at things earthly. By being well grounded, you keep both feet on the ground, in earthly life. This ensures a good balance between above (universe) and below (earth).



Contact with yourself is very important to experience contact with your guardian angel. By trusting your intuition you discover certain coincidences in your life, which turn out to be less coincidence. They are signals that are given to you, and that you can learn to trust. Take a moment for yourself more often, to really connect with your heart and disconnect from the daily pressures. Try to focus on what you feel, and possibly write down what you would like in the upcoming period. Both realistic and unrealistic. Dare to dream, and trust your hunches.

Appreciate and heal

An angel would like to help you with certain processes in your life that you have to go through, so that you gain a greater appreciation for yourself, other people, nature, basically everything around you. You can encourage this process by writing down or speaking positive affirmations every day. Positive affirmations also have a healing effect on our energy.
  • I am more than enough
  • Everything is beautiful and educational
  • I am thankful for today
  • I let go of all expectations, and marvel at everything around me

guardian of angel

Insights from your guardian angel

Do you have questions about certain events in your life? Or would you like to receive insights from your guardian angel? Our mediums and psychics provide honest and reliable insights, so that you can regain your strength.

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Date: 14-12-'22

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