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Being alone creates a higher consciousness

When you spend a lot of time alone, you are often more independent and you can reflect well on your own life, the present, and the future! Spending time alone brings many benefits.

Being alone or feeling alone are different things. Being alone is often associated with loneliness, or not belonging. When you are alone there are also many positive aspects to mention. People who are more often alone often know better who they are, and are better able to guard their boundaries. People who are alone often have a certain goal in life, which they do not deviate from. Being alone makes you know your own strength. 

Spending time alone is good for your mind

We all need some time alone to relax. The more sensitive you are, the more rest you need. Through all the stimulus you pick up through the day, week, month. These stimuli must also be processed by your mind and body. By spending time alone you can learn to ward off outside influences. If you are alone more often, you can focus well on the core: who you are, what you stand for, and where you want to go. When you have a great need to not be alone, you can get away from your own goals, life path and life goals faster. So it is very healthy to spend time with yourself!


Being alone gives you anxiety

When you are alone and this evokes anxiety, it is important to look at the cause. Anxiety when you are alone can indicate separation anxiety or fear of connection. This can be due to earlier (more negative) experiences that you remember, but can also come from your younger years. By focusing and working on this, you can step out of these emotions and learn that being alone is good for you to experience your own goals and core values. When we depend too much on the presence of others, it can provide a desired distraction. This makes you less able to achieve your own goals, because you put the focus and recognition more in others.

Lonely or alone

You experience loneliness when you need social contacts, understanding, support and conversations. Alone you are when you spend time with yourself, but don't see it as negative. By being alone you can often let your emotions flow better, because you are not concerned with what others think of this. When you are lonely this can be very annoying, because you want to share these emotions, need recognition and support. In this case, it is good to consult a person of trust where you can express your feelings, feel heard and seen. Only then can you experience more peace, and turn loneliness into spending time alone. As a result, you will eventually not only overcome obstacles, but you will learn to better indicate your limits, keep balance in your life, and your goals will have the space to manifest.

6 benefits of being alone

  1. Set clearer boundaries
  2. Goals being executed
  3. Reflection and adjustments
  4. More balanced life
  5. Empathy and support of others
  6. Independent performance

Things you can do alone

When you are alone you can list many things that you can do so that you are productive. Reading a book, for example, ensures that you gain more knowledge. Picking up your studies or tidying up your house gives more inner peace. A wonderful nature walk ensures that you can recharge your energy and feel more powerful. Exercising ensures that a substance is released that makes you happier, also called the happiness hormone!

alone benefits
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Date: 01-05-'23

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