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5 Tips during your spiritual development

This is how you increase your spiritual quest.

When you are developing spiritually, a lot of information comes at you. Spirituality and its development can be very diverse and raise questions. People often wonder where the feelings come from. Questions may arise, such as: What is my destiny or purpose on Earth? Do I love myself enough? My house, job, lover don't make me happy anymore what am I missing? There are many questions during a spiritual growth that you can have.

Spiritual growth also means that you learn to see a bigger picture, and that your emotions have also taken on a different shape, often that is something that has been present for a longer period of time, but may have been suppressed.
Many of the people who go through spiritual growth learn to recognize a connection of emotions, people and situations and see that their differentness may have had a meaning all along, but that sometimes due to upbringing, or time it has not been possible or allowed. to be.
Or that certain (old) patterns and ways of thinking no longer correspond to the way of life or that certain people no longer flow with their current way of thinking and beliefs. All in all, it is an awareness that can be experienced differently for everyone.

Accepting feelings

Development is central, you no longer push your feelings away, and you need like-minded people around you. Who or know what you are going through because they have experienced this themselves or go through the process themselves. You feel that you are changing, and you also want to take a new direction. Spiritual growth can be accompanied by new insights, feelings as described above and you may also develop spiritual gifts. It can be very difficult to get concrete answers to your question, Chatspiritual has experienced psychics who can help you with your life questions. Are you starting to draw spiritual cards yourself? It can be a godsend to have the messages you receive from the universe examined by an experienced psychic or medium. Sparring with each other about spiritual topics can be inspiring and soothing and it can also bring you closer to your personal goals and insights.

Your intuition is a counselor

Your given intuition knows what to do, both unconsciously and consciously. You may be searching for what your intuition is trying to tell you or is trying to tell you, this often happens because we are more used to reacting from our head, our way of thinking, which is also partly learned by how things should work . Starting with meditation or yoga can be beneficial, but also starting your own spiritual journey by not letting uncertainty be your guideline, but making a start by purchasing a pendulum or a spiritual card deck, for example. Writing down your thoughts, and consulting a spiritual mentor, and reading spiritual books that share experiences. Go into nature and be enchanted by what nature can tell in stories, there may be a lot that you have tried to hide before, but once you can embrace this, magical doors will open for you.

5 tips to promote your spiritual development

1) Join a spiritual community or facebook group.
2) Take the time to write down your thoughts or discuss them with a like-minded person.
3) Get out into nature and feel your own desires, don't try to push them away by saying you can't, manifesting is a way of thinking.
4) Undertake playful and fun activities both on your own and with like-minded people, after all, fun is one of the highest vibrations you can receive, allowing your energy to flow and inspiration to come to you.
5) Crying is part of the whole process, it can be very confronting but emotions are there to grow you, to offer you insights into yourself, and to learn that you can be there and you are here for a purpose, not just to help another or live up to the expectations of society, friends, family, partners or other people dear to you, but to find yourself and experience your soul mission.

Signals you receive

 There are many signals that you can receive, for example you can often get the signal in time. Do you see a lot of double numbers? Like 11:11? Or do you see many butterflies flying in your area? That one special bird that keeps coming back? Signals that want to tell you something, but which you did not notice before, or mentioned as coincidence. It is special and unique, and for you. Learn to deal with the wonderful messages the universe has for you by opening up to the messages and signals they give you. For example, double numbers can indicate your personal growth that you are going through, and that you are on the right path, or an angel that indicates that she is with you. In any case, our lives are full of signals that we only need to be open to see and receive.


developing spiritually

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Date: 30-05-'22

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