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5 Signals of emotional neglect

If you are dealing with emotional neglect, this is a serious situation. Not something you can see at first sight, but certainly causes a lot of problems. When do you have to deal with emotional neglect and what does it arise? Read it in this blog.

What does emotional neglect mean? Emotional neglect means that there is no room for your vision, emotions and thinking. In other words, Walking on Eggshells to be heard, and you put a lot of energy into others that you lose yourself. In addition, it may also be that you are in a relationship where emotional neglect plays a role. Emotional neglect is not immediately visible, such as physical neglect what you can see. Examples of physical neglect are visible injury, such as a broken arm or malnutrition. Emotional neglect occurs in upbringing, relationships but also emotionally negligible can come about due to a lack of self -love.

Emotional neglect in your youth

When you grow up in a family where there is no room for your emotions, you can sometimes speak of emotional neglect. Where derogatory behavior takes place and there is a lot of scolding, you cannot develop yourself. What a problem will be when you enter your adult life. The look at yourself and your self -esteem falls considerably with this and, for example, often causes low self -confidence, having difficulty setting goals and this can also have a negative effect in relationships. By learning to recognize old patterns, and learning to understand the nature of the problem you can start breaking patterns and replacing healthy patterns. A lack of assertiveness can be improved with an assertiveness training or course.

Parenthood and emotional neglect

In most cases it has not been the intention of parents to trivialize or deny emotions. Often there is not being emotionally developed, or have difficulty regulating own traumas, emotions or social pressure. In many cases it has grown that way, and parents have always had the right intention in the first instance. In some cases it is indeed a deliberate pattern in the form of jealousy, envy or projecting other traumas that have not been processed.

Emotional neglect in adult relationships

What do you recognize that you are in an emotional neglect is a relationship? Signs are: your emotions are not heard and not acknowledged. Your partner does not give recognition of your feelings, your way of thinking and can, for example, react very jealous or dominant. In addition, there are often many discussions that lead to a feeling of guilt in yourself. Which makes you feel lonely and see no way out. Men are often inclined to talk less about their feelings, which often makes many women feel lonely concerning an emotional connection and recognition. However, it does not always mean when your partner does not talk about his feelings, there is always emotional neglect. In some cases, practicing and open communication can already cause improvement.

5 Signals of emotional neglect

  1. No longer recognize your own feelings
  2. An empty feeling
  3. Critical view towards yourself
  4. See other people and their feelings as priority
  5. Low self -image and lack of trust

Tips to heal yourself

It can be very hard to take the step to work on yourself, especially when you have not learned this. If you have a low self -image and a lack of (self) trust due to emotional neglect, it is good to get started with this. By speaking other people with the same trauma you can learn in a healthy way what is good for you. Positive affirmations, meditations, and manifestation can help you well. By increasing your vision, self -esteem and raising your awareness, you can come to complete embrace of yourself. It will take time, but you are worth it! 

emotional neglect
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Date: 02-02-'24

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