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1111 angel number

Do you often see 11:11 on the clock? This is a message from your guardian angels. They want to tell you that you can trust your intuition more and continue to follow your own path.

The number 11:11 has several messages. The angels want to tell you that you are doing well, but that you should also believe more in your own feelings. If you receive messages or hunches from the universe, or if you have certain feelings about a situation or about people, an 11:11 can indicate that you can listen to your intuition.

The number 1111 has a meaning for you if:

  • If you often see 11:11 on the clock.
  • Usually have to pay the amount of 11:11
  • Special dates with 1111

The number 1

If we want to explain 11:11 we will first have to take a closer look at the number 1. According to numerology, the number 1 represents courage and strength. You are goal-oriented, and you can expect positive results from your desires, as long as you keep using your perseverance, and don't get too distracted from your path and your goal. The number #1 stands for leadership, self-confidence, developing new knowledge, and independence. People with the number 1 may learn to be open to the insights and vision of others around them, and yet also to continue to trust their own feelings. The combination: uniting different visions to achieve an even greater or better result towards the desires and/or goals.

11:11 on the clock, what does it mean?

When you see numbers like 11:11 on the clock more often, it is no longer a coincidence. The angels want to indicate to you that they are with you, offering you protection. If you have certain questions about whether everything is going well, and you are more insecure about certain issues, the angels especially want to support you that you will come to a choice, or turnaround, so that things run more smoothly. 1111 also wants to indicate that you can rely more on positive outcomes, even if these are not yet visible.

Confidence and purity

The angel number 11:11 indicates that you may have more self-confidence, and may speak out in your purity. If you often receive the number 11:11 from the universe, discovering truths in the coming time is central. Try to turn negative thoughts into positive ones by seeing the bigger picture. You can change fear and negative thoughts into positive thoughts by doing the following: If you notice that you have fearful thoughts, or negative ones… try to change them immediately into a thought that you find pleasant and enjoyable. You cannot think of a positive and negative thought at the same time. This does take some practice, but you'll get the hang of it sooner than you think.

Hunches and feelings

Have you been feeling more energy around you lately? Or do you know what someone else feels? If you're more sensitive, it's common to carry the emotions of others. It is important to become aware of this, and possibly take a shower more often, or spend more time in nature. Nature and water are both ways to recharge and cleanse the energy. Music is also one of the ways to recharge yourself. After all, pleasure is the highest vibration! The hunches and feelings can be central to many seeing the number 11:11. Seeing these double numbers shows that you can trust your hunches, and that you feel things right. Even if you do not immediately receive confirmation from the other person, the angel number 11:11 will give you that confirmation.

11:11 in love

Do you come across the number 11:11 a lot and have questions about love? The angels have the message not to efface yourself. Take the initiative to put your feelings on the table, and to communicate about them with your partner. If you lack tension in the relationship or feel that your relationship is at a standstill, the angel number 1111 wants to tell you that you can be open and honest about this without shame, and take charge.

angel number 11:11 meaning

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Date: 07-06-'22

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