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10 signs that you have found your true love

We all want to experience love in life. Preferably with true love, someone who has everything you desire. Does true love really work like that? Or is it different for everyone what a true love looks like? True love is characterized by a special feeling that is different for everyone.

True love is different for everyone, but when do you know when you've really found true love? Some find their true love very young, and others much later in life. Some people have lost their true love and may wonder if there can be several true loves in one life? True love is often characterized by being able to complement each other, in words or in passion. You can also discover true love with each other at a later stage. So it is a myth that you meet true love at first sight.

The first meeting with a true love

The first meeting with a true love can be love at first sight. But can also occur later. It may be that you are both energetically closed, for example, due to previous unpleasant experiences in love. In some cases it can take years before you find that 'true love' in each other. True love is different for everyone. One finds true love in a reliable and caring partner, where the other finds true love in an open relationship where mutual freedom is respected.

How do you know you have true love by your side?

A true love by your side, we all want it. People like to share their special moments, but also less pleasant moments with each other so that they can feel safe. A true love is mainly characterized by being able to feel each other, respecting each other's wishes and desires and unconditional love. When you have found a true love, you only see him or her, and you know that you want to grow old with this person.

10 signs that you have found your true love

What are true love signs? 
  1. You feel stronger together
  2. You can communicate well together about desires
  3. You share common hobbies together
  4. You strive together for a common goal
  5. You can complement each other, for example, in words
  6. Together you create stability and space for adventure
  7. There is little miscommunication
  8. You can give each other free time without jealousy
  9. You value each other
  10. Equal norms and values

You feel safe

With your true love you feel safe and it feels like coming home. You often hear from relationships where there is true love that they feel safe in the relationship to be themselves and to develop themselves without holding each other back. If you do have the feeling that someone could be the one but you are not sure, it does not mean that it is not your true love. However, it also depends on when you meet someone in your life cycle. If you are still recovering from a previous breakup, you will protect yourself against disappointment. Which can make it take longer before you can open yourself up and give true love a chance.

Can multiple true loves come into one's life?

To get straight to the point: Yes you can. For some people, there is only one true love in life. This may have to do with the fact that they subsequently close themselves off to a new lover, or that they continue to compare a potential new partner with true love, so that fair chances are not given. True love is a strong energy where you can teach each other to feel even better. When you have lost your true love, it does not mean that your true love has been lost. The energy remains alive and you can still experience each other energetically.

true love

Is he or she the one for me?

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Date: 01-06-'23

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