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10 signs that you are overstimulated

When you are overstimulated, you run into all kinds of obstacles with yourself and with others. When do you know that you are overstimulated? Below we have a checklist with 10 characteristics that you have when you are overstimulated. An overstimulated brain can arise from wanting to do too much at once, or because you must do everything alone, for example. Read on to see if you have these 10 characteristics too and need to take a step back.

Overstimulated and rushed

If you constantly feel like you must rush, you are most likely already overstimulated. Often when you have too much pressure on your shoulders you get overstimulated. We don't always realize that we are going too fast, which makes you tired and less interested in the things you must complete that day. A clear characteristic of being overstimulated is therefore a continuous feeling of haste. You have no rest to complete the tasks, but you want to do everything as quickly as possible.

Fear and uncertainty

We are all anxious or insecure at times, but when are you really overstimulated, which causes you to experience more uncertainty and, in some cases, even develop an anxiety disorder? When you must deal with fear every day, for example about social occasions, and are unsure about what others think of you, we can say that your brain is overstimulated. Highly sensitive people suffer from being overstimulated much faster than people who are less or not sensitive. Fear and insecurity mainly arise because you are constantly trying to satisfy others and you pass yourself by.

To appoint

Some people may quickly find that you're acting up. Yet these people often have less knowledge of what overstimulation means and can do to someone. It can really ensure that you don't feel like doing anything anymore and prefer to spend the whole day alone. You are more tired, and you take care of yourself less. It is therefore best to avoid people who think you are acting up and keep them at a distance. When people say you're acting up, it only creates more overstimulation, and it distances you from yourself and how you can solve the problem.


If you have an overstimulated brain, sleeping can become very difficult. This can lead to a downward spiral. When you lie awake for a long time and worry about everything, your brain doesn't get a chance to rest. Melatonin is normally produced by the pineal gland. It may be that when you are overstimulated, you need a natural tool for this. You can buy melatonin at the drugstore and often take it 1 hour before going to sleep. This will make you fall asleep faster, and that can work very well when you are overstimulated! To promote your sleep, it is better not to watch television 1 hour before going to sleep. Put your cell phone away and dim the lights. For example, put on meditation music and read a book. This way you ensure sufficient rest.

10 signs that you are overstimulated

We attribute several characteristics to people who are overstimulated. Of course, you can also have other symptoms that cause an overstimulated brain. Most features are listed below. When you have all 10 characteristics, you are most likely overstimulated, and you can follow the steps below for more balance and peace in your life.
  1. You constantly feel rushed
  2. You isolate yourself from people you care about
  3. Social contacts are of little or no interest to you
  4. You are demotivated, but you keep going
  5. You want to clean everything up all the time, and you feel compelled to do so
  6. You prefer to keep all control, and you have a schedule
  7. If something doesn't work out, it feels like failure, and you're emotional
  8. You are tired
  9. You don't feel heard and understood
  10. You are dealing with anxious and insecure feelings

What can I do against an overstimulated brain?

If you find out that you are overstimulated, that is an important awareness. Being overstimulated is not negative but indicates that you have gone beyond your own needs for too long. There is a lot of pressure on your shoulders that makes you feel like you must have it all under control. An important step is therefore that you replace control with gratitude. Grateful feelings towards yourself. Try to say positive affirmations to yourself every day. Write down your own goals and try to exercise in an accessible way. Exercise releases a hormone that reduces stress and tension, namely endorphins. In addition, the substance serotonin ensures a happy feeling.
  • Write down your thoughts (awareness)
  • Go for a walk or low-threshold sports (constructive)
  • Be assertive (say no to people who take too much of your time)
  • Find support and talk about your feelings (confidential advisor)
  • Schedule clear moments to rest (without guilt)
  • Replace guilt with gratitude (by writing down grateful moments)
  • Get started with positive affirmations (in the context of self-love)
  • Ensure a healthy lifestyle (healthy food, and enough sleep)


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Date: 24-01-'23

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